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Welcome to our site!

Welcome to our site - we hope you find it useful!

The Web Site contains information covering many aspects of Line Dancing in Shropshire and the surrounding areas, eg: What's On, as well as details of Classes in the Area, general information, links and discussion articles.

If you'd like a shortcut to the "What's On" page for 2024 just click on the link below to go straight there.
"What's On 2024"
Please let us know of any line dance socials you'd like adding to our calendar.

We're also updating the "Classes In The Area" page, so if anyone would like their classes including, again please just send us the details.
You can email us with event or class updates at Mike & Brenda, we'll be pleased to hear from you (please replace "at" with @).

Hope everyone is ok and we'll look forward to hopefully catching up with lots of you on a dancefloor soon..

Ice Dances


ICE was set up by Rob Fowler as part of his online channel. It stands for Inspire, Challenge, Evolve and was a range of courses for choreography, dance technique and instructor training. Rob was sharing his 30+ years' dance experience and passing on his valuable knowledge.
As a result of the choreography course, some amazing dances have been created. Rob has been the coach and consultant for the budding choreographers on the course and when the dances are finished (sometimes after many drafts), they are approved by Rob and given the official ICE stamp. They are then released and can be found on all the usual dance script sites.
A page for the dances has also been set up on this site, as we wanted to draw attention to them. You can also find a link to the step sheet, so it should be a sort of "one-stop shop". The page will be updated as each new dance gets stamped and released. We hope you find it useful.
The page can be accessed by clicking "ICE dances" or selecting from the drop down menu below.

Have a look at Linedancer George's new website with details of other events in the Midlands area. Just click the name for a direct link "George's LDSocials Site"

Select where to go next on this site from the menu below by 'clicking' the down arrow, highlighting a category and then clicking on 'Go!'. Explore as much as you like - don't forget the links page.

Dancin' Daze website is run by Mike and Brenda, both highly experienced dancers who just enjoy their dancing.

Life would be all the better if a spirit of co-operation was brought into it and to this end we are prepared to include any line dancing event in Shropshire and the surrounding area in our 'What's On' section from any dance instructor or organiser. All you need to do is advise us of appropriate details.

You can E-Mail Mike and Brenda at Shropshire (UK), we'll be pleased to hear from you (replace "at" with @).

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